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Metallic Engineering (F.E) co., Ltd. was established in 1983, specializing in pipeline engineering equipment installation and maintenance servicesfor the petroleum, chemical, liquid gas, food and pharmaceutical industries.
The company provides technical advice, equipment maintenance services and capabilities, with an increasing number of customers continuously trusting in our high quality technology and products. We have developed into a one-stop service for many MNC's.
Now Metallic provides Project Engineering, Design Consultancy, Construction, Equipment Installation Commissioning and Maintenance. We have a team of professionals with a highdegree of technical knowledge able to support customers to solve all kinds of engineering problems.
In 2003 we established a Shanghai representative office and in 2008 we established Metallic Engineering (Shanghai) Co.ltd with a factory in Shanghai. For China customers, wepProvide a "timely delivery and fast after-sales service" as part of our commitment.
Our company has factories and representative offices across Asia. We have our own motto ¡°Connect With Confidence¡±, meaning provide the best service and better development for our customers.

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